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Baby Signing In YOUR Nursery or Creche 

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Nursery and Childcare Facilities


The Best Start Club provides a unique training programme to nurseries and childminders. Many have chosen us to provide their staff with training to enable them to confidently teach their pre-verbal babies and toddlers to sign. Many families express their concern whether it is worth signing if baby is going to nursery or creche in a few months? Others ask for a list of nurseries who do sign. My first response is always that starting signing is always beneficial. I understand the need to reinforce the good start already undertaken. Our programme allows nurseries and childminders the ability to continue this early start or offer an additional benefit to parents seeking it. By continuing, at nursery, what the family does at home, the infant adjusts better to nursery. Therefore, those facilities offering baby signing provide a more valuable service to the families.





What We Offer

We will provide you with a 1 1/2 to 2 hour workshop for all your staff and a further extended personalised programme for your team following this. We have successfully introduced Baby Signing to many nurseries in Stevenage, Hatfield, St Albans, Hitchin, Cheshunt, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City, Stansted Abbotts, Watford, Aldenham, Shenley and Radlett, Hertfordshire and continue to provide support.   We are delighted to extend this now across Ireland.

We can also provide a weekly or bi-weekly 40 minute signing and singing session for the babies and toddlers at your centre. Alternatively, we can provide a weekly Kinder Musik nursery programme which can include baby signing.

To book your workshop or organize a meeting to discuss your specific requirements please  email:





The Benefits Of Signing In Childcare Settings


  • The child can better communicate what it needs


  • The caregiver can better understand the child


  • The children can communicate with each other


  • Promotes co-operation in the children as they understand instructions more clearly


  • When children or babies know that those around them are trying to understand them they cry much less and this creates a much quieter childcare centre


  • Less frustration - less biting and hitting and generally better behaviour


  • Helps children with special needs integrate better


  • Great tool to have for a Childcare facility as more and more families are requesting this as an option

"We have signed with the children in our child development centre for years.  They are using the signs regularly and it is very rewarding and exciting to see them effectively communicate with us."


Casandra Hulse - Lead teacher of the infant program in a Childcare Facility, Alaska - Source Baby Signs Dr Linda Acredolo and Dr Susan Goodwyn

Baby Signing at the Creche
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