• During Lockdown we are running regular weekly ZOOM Classes.  45 - 60 minutes of live, personalised very interactive fun classes.


  • We also run Recorded Classes that you can do with your little ones at your own time.  Once you book onto these we then personalise them with your child's name so they get more of the feel of a live class.  This option is great for families with poor internet or that need to be able to do classes to fit their own schedule.

Online Sensory Music and Movement 

Lots of Online Options for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

You just need to email iris@thebeststartclub.com for more information.  Giving me you child / children's age/s and age level preference and any other information you think might be useful.

Baby & Toddler - Music & Movement

Baby & Toddler - Music & Movement

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What are the classes all about?

Simply put, a multi sensory music and movement program for babies and toddlers. Each lesson you’ll play, sing, listen, and dance to music that will impact you and your child in profound ways. That’s because every song, story, and two-step has a carefully chosen purpose in this creative curriculum—one that’s designed to stimulate and strengthen the vital neural wiring taking place in your child’s mind, right now. We will guide you every step of the way so you know how each activity contributes to your child’s overall growth and development.  All while strengthening the emotional bond between you and your child.

IMPORTANT:  Remember your interaction with these new Online Classes is just as important as your childs.  Use these lessons together.  You are your childs best teacher, they look to you and when mum or dad is fully engaged they get so much more out of the class.  For our babies, they won't necessarily watch the screen, they will be watching you, so to ensure they get the most from each session you need to lead them and be the class teacher.