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Baby Signing Classes

Our BABY SIGNING programmes, all age appropriate, are packed with musical exploration, singing, dance, movement and fun activities. It’s a multi-aspected learning process for the child, incorporating physical, emotional, cognitive, language, social and musical growth. It’s more than just learning music and baby signing. It’s about the whole child.


With signs and gestures sourced from British Sign Language (BSL) in our UK classes and Irish Sign Language (ISL) in our Irish classes, the babies soon recognise, then use key words and activities impacting their new lives. The medium allows the incorporation of many developmental opportunities in ways that are easy to take up at home including orientation, co-ordination, movement, gentle massage and “the 7 ‘clingy periods of the first year’.


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Stage 1

From Birth to 8 Months


This gently paced course introduces the first stages of signing. How to sign, what to sign, and when? We will also look at what to expect on the way and learn to recognise your baby's signing attempts. Our focus is on parent & child beginning to understand each other.


Themed classes support routines & subjects that attract and support younger babies. The class includes a gentle massage of baby, calming for both mum and baby, also settling the atmosphere for the class. By using sensory exploration, rhymes, songs & a special bonding time, your baby’s growth & development are stimulated & all of his senses engaged.


The course also covers other beneficial subjects which support signing and help parents or carers better assist the baby in its very early days.


Stage 2

From 5 Months to 16 Months


These programmes seek to support baby's eagerness to learn, communicate and be better understood. Its finer developed motor skills make signing easier and allow us to introduce other fun activities including instruments, rhythm, listening skills and movement complimented by lots of music and songs


It's a faster pace course for now becoming active babies, so the pace of the classes meets the needs of these more curious and engaged babies.



Stage 3

From 17 Months to 3 Years


Can you sound like an elephant or hop like a bunny? Encouraging your child to discover an enchanting musical world builds confidence, self-control & communication. Singing, rhyming & object identification foster language skills, supported by signing. Creative movement to various musical “moods” develops balance, timing & spatial awareness. Listening & turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills. Building on the previous courses we now consolidate their understanding of signs and speech.



Stage 4

From 2 - 4 Years


Helping 2 - 4 year olds develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child's most loved ritual: music and story time ABC Music & Me supports the early childhood standards and requirements for the “Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS)”.


What you’ll experience in class:

  • Songs and rhymes to develop phonetic awareness and early reading skills

  • Tapping, clacking, and ringing rhythm instruments in time with music to improve hand-eye coordination

  • Focused listening with music to improve skills in following directions

  • Instrument play to strengthen fine motor skills

  • Developmentally-appropriate songs to develop vocal chords and expressive speech

  • Learning that emphasizes storytelling, imaginative play, and taking turns.

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