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The first major way that children learn is kinesthetically, through movement, through touch, through experience. This is a time when the brain is growing very rapidly. It is too precious a time to waste."


DR. Martha Bullock Lamberts

Human Development Specialist

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Our passion at the BEST START CLUB is to give each child the best possible start in life.  We do this through the multisensory learning of Baby Signing, Baby Sensory Play, Toddler Sensory Play, Music and Movement.

Every song we sing and sign, every activity we explore, every dance or movement activity we do, or exploring the lights, the different textures, dress-up, visuals, magical scenes, puppets, instrument activities etc has a developmental purpose.  So whilst we have great fun together, make life long friends, your little one is growing and developing in our classes.

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With the addition of new concepts and challenges along the way, each age appropriate program acts as a stepping stone to the next paving the way to a musical journey that can last many magnificent years.


BABY SIGNING Demos, Workshops and Parties 
Baby Signing and Baby Sensory



We are available to give private trials or demos to groups of 5 or more families.  This is our way of sharing the magic of The Best Start Club with you and your friends before you commit to a term.  Alternatively, you are always welcome to try out a single class before committing. This is subject to availability and we do recommend doing a trial towards to the end of a term in preparation for the next term as  classes fill quickly, so bear that in mind.



Designed mostly for families who want to get started now or who can't get to a class.  We plan a tailor made 2 hour workshop for you and your family and/or friends.  It's lots of fun and a wonderful quick start to Baby Signing.  This is usually held at your convenience in your home. We will have you signing comfortably with your baby before we leave.



Does your little one have a birthday coming up?  

We have a whole range of magical musical parties for different age groups and different events.

Call for details.

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Baby Signing "More"

Thomas enjoys the merry-go-round. Once is never enough so he is Baby Signing "More". Of course, we let him have more.