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Home Props:

Shakers – if you don’t have any maracas a small plastic container with rice or lentils with a tight lid would work. 


Drum and Mallet OR Plastic Bowl (decent size) and wooden spoons.

Bubbles – we will use most weeks, if you don’t have any you can make your own there are lots of different recipes online.  This one is particularly easy.

Ball – a ball big enough to hold in their hands but not heavy that could do damage in your home!


Snail and Mouse – cuddly toys or pictures.  You can print the attached pictures if you wish.


Rabbit – cuddly toy or picture.  See picture attached if you wish to print.


Sunflower – Image attached.


Woodpecker – Image attached.


A pair of claves each or 2 wooden spoons each – if you don’t have enough 2 wooden toys like wood train track to tap together would work.

Peekaboo Scarves – anything you can do good peekaboo OR swishing side to side so we can explore speeds and all sorts.

Hola Hoop – or something that you can make a circle with.  A long ribbon or a long scarf would do the same function.  They will be jumping in and out of this.


You will need to improvise with props when you don’t have what’s listed.  I’ve seen some incredible improvisations so be wild if need be!

Do chat with your child about the attached pictures.


Some Class Guidelines

  1. Please try not to have too many distractions in the room. 

  2. Children do like to get up, run around during class, this is normal for the younger ones.  I don’t expect them to sit down and just join in like perfect angels!!  That’s just not realistic and actually sometimes they go and get something we think is nothing to do with the class that they sit with now completely engrossed or just listening.  So coming in and out of class is very normal.  As long as they are happy and joining in lots of the time that’s brilliant.  For those that haven’t done much screen time it takes a bit of time so give them a couple of weeks to get used to it.  The older children will find this easiest.

  3. Try to use the biggest screen you have.

  4. Very importantly, YOU MUST JOIN IN TOO just like in a group venue class but it’s even more important on a screen class as they look to you for reassurance and confidence.  So try to sit on the floor with them.

  5. Make sure you have enough props so you have them too so your little one is watching you join in.  Both parents are welcome.  If grandparents are around they can join in too.  This is all about learning together.


Lastly, if you have any feedback during the term please share with me.  Doing the class at home is quite different and If something doesn’t work just let me know. 

For Example: one of the mums fed back last term that it would be much easier on her side if bubbles were at the end of class as her little one wanted them continuously after we used them, so we adjusted, it’s not a problem. You might even find that they want to continue the activity we’ve just finished and to be honest it’s magic to see someone still being the train whilst we are singing the next song as it proves they are really getting it. 

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