Home Props:

Wooden Spoons and / or Shakers (for the older babies make sure you have enough for you too – if you don’t have any maracas a small plastic container with rice or lentils with a tight lid would work. 

Mouse – not necessary so only if you have one.

Picture of a Horse or a cuddly toy

Pendulum – a striking object on a string or chain.  A piece of strong (hazard free) custom jewellery is fine.  I will have a spiky ball on a string.  Really anything that catches baby’s eye that you can rock from side to side is great.
Steering Wheel – so anything that could vaguely resemble a steering wheel.  A plastic plate is perfect.  Great for gripping.

Pictures or cuddly toys of:  Cow, duck, Hen/Cockerel

Bubbles – we will use most weeks, if you don’t have any you can make your own there are lots of different recipes online.  This one is particularly easy. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-make-bubble-mixture

Peekaboo Scarves – anything you can do good peekaboo with OR swishing side to side, up and down so we can explore speeds and eye tracking.  Muslin cloth or tea towel is fine too.


Try to have as many of the props as possible but I don’t expect you to have all.  Things like shakers please have multiple so you have some too.  Just improvise as much as you can.  It’s such fun to see some of the wonderful ideas you guys come up with.

As we’ve seen many times when we use wooden spoons some of the babies just adore them and that keeps them happy whilst you show them all sorts.

Some Class Guidelines

  1. Try to use the biggest screen you have

  2. Very importantly, the more you join in the more Baby gets out of it.  The Baby Class is really all about you doing the class and watching the screen and the babies following you not me.  Having said that some of the older babies will follow the screen but that’s not common.   It’s much more so in the toddler classes

Lastly, if you have any feedback during the term please share with me.  Doing the class at home is quite different than in person so letting me know what works and doesn’t work for you means I can give you a better class.