Home Props:

Pom poms or ribbons on a ring

Wooden spoons and plastic bowl

Peekaboo scarf or muslin cloth or equivalent

Bubbles – you can do an easy search online for a home made recipe which means you will always be able to make bubbles – you will need a wand too.

Flowers/Brightly Coloured object to scatter around the room.

For some of the songs and access to the Spotify Playlist click here:  https://www.thebeststartclub.com/babyclasssupport

Please note that the sign language sheets on this page are BSL (British Sign Language) these are the ones I used when I used to teach my classes in England.  ISL (Irish Sign Language) doesn't have graphics like this available.  Feel free to use or mix them both, it doesn't matter as long as you are consistent with the signs.