How to Access Class Music

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CLASS MUSIC - Downloads


Music for Stage 1 – all available for download, some available on CD, see below.



Our 4 class CDs are £5 each - available in class

Best of Kindermusik Volume 1

Best of Kindermusik Volume 2

Tub Tunes (very limited supply available)

Pet and Play – this is the CD where  we get our class lullaby’s. (very limited supply available)

We have other CDs available too, prices vary but all excellent.


We have some other CDs at £10 - these are usually very packed CDs or Double CDs



Download Cards

Download cards are available to buy in class at £4 each, this gives you 10 tracks.  Please come back to me if you want more than the 10 tracks as the download cards are cheaper to buy in class than individual tracks.



Some Class Favourites



Come On Through My Darlin” (dance)

Skinnamarink  (on class CD too)

Peekaboo This-A-Way (dance)

Shoofly (on class CD too)


Instrument Plays

Hey Lolly! (on class CD too)

Sarasponda (instruments and play)

Skinnamarink  (on class CD too)

Toembai (instruments)

Tinga Laya   (on class CD too)

Old Stomp Rag (instruments)

Toodala (instruments)

Calypso Joe (instruments)



Wheels on the Bus  (on class CD too)


Bubbles On Me  (on class CD too)

Sounds on the Farm- Grandpa’s Farm

Rise Sugar Rise

Are You Sleeping

Come Along and Dance with Me

Abiyoyo (massage)

Skinnamarink  (on class CD too)

Hey Lolly! (on class CD too)